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How I Work


Book coaching

You are holding so many ideas for a book inside you, and you can’t see how to organize them into a book. Or you want to write your book, but you are stuck, not sure how to go about it.

I coach authors in organizing their ideas, working with them to develop a viable book concept and structure. Then I coach them through the writing process.

As rewarding as becoming an author can be, it is also a daunting process. Working with an expert in idea architecture and word crafting sets you up for getting it done – and done well.

Manuscript development

You have written a first draft – and you’re not sure what to do next. Or you know the book is not yet working, but you can’t figure out why.

I review the book idea and organization with the author and propose revisions. We develop a plan, and then I put hands on keyboard and eyes on text to execute those changes, editing the entire manuscript for the author to review. I work with the author to move the book forward from whatever stage of development it’s in to being publication ready.

Book proposals

You’ve decided to find a publisher who will publish your book. The tool you need to approach literary agents and publishers is a book proposal.

A book proposal is essentially a 30-to-50-page business plan for a book, designed to sell the book to publishers. Crafting a book proposal takes the book on a shakedown journey to hone its message and impact, pinpoint its readership, zero in on the author’s platform.

I love the evolutionary nature of proposal work, and authors find it hugely rewarding for the clarity and confidence it can bring.