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How We Work


We offer a 5-step process to help you write and publish your book.

1. Book Concept and Outline – In a series of focused phone meetings, we explore with you the key elements of your book:

  • who you are writing for
  • how you want to help them
  • what success with this book looks like for you
  • the truly new idea, insight, or story your book will bring into the world.

From these interviews, we construct a summary of your book’s message and detailed book outline. These two tools hold the promise of your book.

2. Book Builder – During the Book Builder phase, we work with you to craft the first draft of the book. Unlike an off-the-shelf book creation service, we custom-fit the book writing process to you.

  • If you’d rather talk than write your ideas or you don’t have time to write, we offer a conversational method to create the book text — a series of focused interviews, recorded, transcribed, and then edited by us, to get the book’s content from your head onto the page.
  • If you love to write, we design a writing schedule that includes regular reviews, feedback, and initial editing by us.
  • If you already have a first draft, we begin with a review and friendly assessment.

3. Review and Revise – Author and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki says, “The key to a great book is editing — grinding, buffing, and polishing — not writing.” Editing is the heart of the Review and Revise step.

  • You review the first draft.
  • We meet with you to discuss your review.
  • We make revisions to the book.

Together we refine the text, honing your book so it delivers your message, clearly and powerfully, in your voice. End result: the final draft.

4. Final Polish – We then apply our editorial expertise to turn the final draft into a production-ready manuscript—technically clean, with no flaws to distract from your message.

5. Book Production – If you are self-publishing, we handle all the details of moving your book from polished final manuscript to published book. If you prefer to submit your book to a publisher, we help you write a strong proposal and query letter and start finding an agent.

Contact me to set up a free initial conversation about your book.